Terms and conditions

1. - Booking details

1.1 - The Client shall ensure that all details given of the venue are correct and if DJ Yves Entertainment inspects the venue & finds any differences DJ Yves Entertainment will report to the client to resolve this matter.

1.2 - There will be adequate set up time available usually 60-90 minutes before the start time of the event and 60 minutes after the event to break the set down. The Client should indicate what access is available, stairs, lifts, Car parking etc.

1.3 - The Client and DJ Yves Entertainment both confirm that there is no third-party interest on the booking and no previous bookings of these dates for this event.

1.4 - Paying the agreed deposit for your event or function is a 100% binding guarantee of contract. Any non-payment could allow us to change our work schedule or consider non-committal of the client without prior notice. New terms and pricing may be required if client decides to book past the agreed-to deposit due date.


2. – Payments

2.1 - Paying by Check – Checks are to be made payable to DJ Yves Entertainment and mailed to the address on the invoice. 

2.2 - Paying by Bank Transfer or Credit Card – A link will be provided for electronic payment via the debit card. Please note there is a processing fee of 4% for payments made by credit card. 

Payment By Venmo or PayPal – These payments are available options and may be subject to a processing fee.

2.3 - Non-payment of any fees owed within 15 days after the date of the event will result in legal action.


3. – Cancellations

3.1 – DJ Yves Entertainment staff will be scheduled to perform at your event.  The potential loss of work in the event of a cancellation is real and tangible therefore a cancellation fee will be charged.  The Agreement cannot be cancelled except by mutual written consent of both the Client and DJ Yves Entertainment.  No telephone cancellations can be accepted.

3.2 - If cancellation is initiated within 30 days of the event, the entire fee will be due. If Client has to terminate DJ Yves Entertainment services, the Client agrees to the following conditions:

(1) more than 90-days but less than 120-days prior to the event date, up to 75% of the total fees due will be refunded

(2) more than 60- days but less than 90-days prior to the event date, up to 50% of the total fee will be refunded, 

(3) more than 30-days but less than 60-days prior to the event date, up to 25% of the total fee will be refunded, 

(4) more than 1-day but less than 31- days prior to the event date, no refund will be issued.

3.3 - This agreement shall be excused of detention of DJ Yves Entertainment by sickness, accidents, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of God, Force Majeure or any other legitimate condition beyond it’s control and DJ Yves Entertainment agrees to take prudent action, circumstances permitting, to provide the Client with an alternate for services procured or a full refund of all payments. The Client agrees that under all circumstances, DJ Yves Entertainment liability shall be exclusively limited to an amount not to exceed the performance fee. The Client agrees to defend, indemnify, assume liability for, and hold DJ Yves Entertainment harmless from any claims, damages, losses and expenses by or to any person, regardless of the basis, which pertains or results directly or indirectly to DJ Yves Entertainment’s performance.


4. – Conduct

4.1 - It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that all guests conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. The Client must be responsible for all guests and their actions.

4.2 - The Client will provide adequate supervision of its guests, including children, at the venue, and will be liable for any loss of or damage to the DJ Yves Entertainment’s equipment or personnel belongings, caused by guests attending the function.

4.3 - No violent, aggressive or abusive behavior from anyone under any circumstances will be tolerated, and DJ Yves Entertainment reserves the right to terminate the performance at any time if any personal safety is under threat. DJ Yves Entertainment does not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from any venue. The Client will be advised of any problems arising in this respect with any guests.

4.4 - DJ Yves Entertainment will act in a fully responsible attitude at all times, during his attendance to the venue, and will set up and run as requested by The Client unless the legal requirement is different which will be pointed out and stated.

4.5 - The Client agrees to refrain from posting any negative comments about DJ Yves Entertainment on any platform without first discussing any issues and allowing an opportunity to rectify any discrepancies. Any attempt of deformation of DJ Yves Entertainment on any platform will result in legal action in which the Client will be responsible for all legal fees imposed on DJ Yves Entertainment.  


5. - Security

5.1 - The Client will be responsible for the safety and security of any theft of items of DJ Yves Entertainment.

5.2 - DJ Yves Entertainment is not liable for any damage on the venue; any potential hazard must be pointed out by the client or the venue staff at the time of set-up.

5.3 - The Client is also responsible for any damage to DJ Yves Entertainment’s equipment caused by any person at the event. The Client will be charged for the full cost of any repairs required. The Client will be advised of any damage as soon as it is caused.


6. - The Venue

6.1 - The Client will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling, and removal of equipment (minimum of one hour).  The Client also ensures that safe and adequate power is available.

6.2 - The Client must ensure that there is adequate parking for DJ Yves Entertainment on the night for off loading and loading of the equipment, in a safe and secure manner. Should there be items stolen during this procedure it is the responsibility of The Client. 
6.3 - If the performance start time is delayed due to the inability of DJ Yves Entertainment to gain access to the performance area, or any other delay beyond their reasonable control, DJ Yves Entertainment will not be liable for any refund whatsoever.

If you would like further clarification of what any of the above means or you are unsure of any of our terms please contact DJ Yves Entertainment.