Snap Your Memories and Share them Instantly


At DJ Yves Entertainment LLC, it is our goal to make your event seamless so you can enjoy the time with family, friends and coworkers. We are always looking for more ways to make your event extra special, that is why we offer the Ring Roamer to add uniqueness to your photo booth experience.

In addition to the standard photo wall or booth, the Ring Roamer allows you to be mobile. Grab it and go over to the dance floor for live-action photos of people having a great time. Or bring it over to the table where your grandparents are sitting to capture moments you wouldn't normally be able to capture. With the Ring Roamer, you have the ability to capture photos from every point in a room. Pretty cool!

The Ring Roamer also lets you take a photo and share it instantly to your social platforms. Don't worry about waiting for it to download or be sent your email. You can have immediate control.

Style photos your way. The Ring Roamer allows you to create personal designs that complement the theme of your event, adding just the right amount of flare.

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Why use a Ring Roamer at your Corporate Event?

The Ring Roamer can be the perfect addition to nearly any event. However, if you are using this for your corporate event, then you just maximized your marketing advertisements. You can increase your business's brand awareness by:

  • Having your logo branded on the event layouts
  • Including the company name & info in the text that accompanies the photo
  • Adding your Facebook page to the link so you can share photos
  • Having the option to save and use the phone numbers for future marketing promotions
  • Having analytics to track your marketing efforts (additional price)

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